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Examination of Conscience, Arabic : click here

Living with God

1. Do I recognize in God the Lord of my life? In everything and in every circumstance? Do I trust in Him even in the most difficult times? Have I rebelled against him? Am I indifferent in regards to religion and faith? Am I committed to become knowledgeable about my baptismal faith? Have I committed any actions that are against my faith: super≠stitious beliefs, talking and behaving in an anti-reli≠gious manner? Do I strive to get instruction and grow in my understanding of my religion?


2.Is Jesus Christ really alive for me, present and next to me in my life? Do I meet him in my prayer and in the sacraments? Do I rarely receive the Eucharist and go to confession? Do I do this only because of routine and habit? Having sinned, have I thought per≠haps: God will forgive me anyway?


3.†† Do I find the time to pray? To meditate on Holy Scripture? Is it a long time that I do not pray?


In the Community of Faithful

1. What is my relationship with the Church? Do I offer a constructive presence in the heart of my community? Do I participate actively in the Eucharistic Celebration? Am I willing to accept responsibility for parish work? Are my observa≠tions and criticisms constructive?


2. What is Sunday for me? (day of the Lord, cel≠ebration of the Eucharist, day of rest....) Have I encouraged others to participate in prayer? Have I given little or no impor≠tance to the days of penance and acts of remorse?


3. Do I pray for the Church and the world (Christian unity, the Pope, the hierar≠chy, vocations, other eccle≠siastical needs)?


In marriage and in the family


1. How do I consider sexu≠al activity: as an expression of love among persons, a faithful and fruitful love, or merely just a means of plesureful expression and a satisfaction of an instinct? Do I respect the person and the dignity of my spouse? Do I contribute to the growth of our reciprocal love? Or am I egotistical, without any regard for the other, vindictive, irritable, stubborn minded?


2. In my relationship with the other have I only searched for myself? Have I given a clear and conscious answer in conjunction with my spouse in regards to the number of births? Have I imped≠ed pregnancy for egotistical reasons? Have I put a child into this world without any sense of respon≠sibility? Have I failed in my faithfulness, even only in my desire? Have I killed a life with abor≠tion, or helped another person with abortion?


3. Am I available for my family? Do I seriously undertake my duty as educator? Am I just with my children and do I love them, or am I hard with them and too indulgent? Do I try to understand them? Do I contribute to family religious life? Do I take an interest in my childrenís spare time? Who do they spend it with and how? In choosing tele≠vision programs, buying newspapers or maga≠zines, do I also consider my children? Do I inter≠vene or interfere in my older childrenís lives? How do I carry out my duties as spouse?


4. Do I lack in love, understanding and respect towards my parents? Have I helped them in time of sickness and need, and as elderly Is there room in our house for love and hospi≠tality of our neighbour. Do I live my family love in order that I am an example and encouragement for other families?


In my profession and among other people


1. Do I make of my profession a service of love for neighbour? Or do I purely regard it as a finan≠cial instrument, as my personal affirmation above others. Do I put in first place the well being of others or money, my career and for this reason I am open to everything? Do I work honestly? Do I let my sense of responsibility and conscience guide me? Or am I lazy and live off others?


2. What is my relationship with my superiors? Am I united with my colleagues at work? Do I try to be cordial, agreeable and friendly with them? Or am I the cause of unhappiness and cause dis≠agreements because of my temper, jealousy, stub≠bornness, dishonesty?

Am I just in regards to my workers? Do I pay them on time and correctly? Do I worry about their health, rest, professional -formation, provide a safe and healthy work environment?


3. Have I taken the responsibility personally to be just or am I only concerned with ďgetting aheadĒ? Do I feel responsible for my co-workers? Do I strive to understand others? Do I help them? Do I know how to forgive?


4. Do I try to get involved in public community life to help solve social problems of my town,

country and others in the world (third world, missions ....)? Am I a good citizen?


5. Am I trustworthy? Have I spoken falsities, pre≠tended, exaggerated, broken promises, not kept a secret, spoken about otherís weaknesses, gos≠siped, without doing anything in reparation? Have I falsely sworn? Have I falsely forged documents or goods? Have I tried to corrupt others (money, blackmail...)?


6. Have I stolen? Have I returned things I have found or things that were on loan to me? Have I tricked someone? Do I pay taxes? Have I volun≠tarily done damage to other peopleís property? Have I hurt anyone by exaggerating in prices? Have I repaired any damage I have caused? Or have I taken all this lightly?


7. How do I behave on the roads? Do I put in dan≠ger other peopleís lives (drinking and driving, speeding....)?


In relationship with myself

1. Do I make personal decisions? Or do I let myself be influenced by other peopleís opinions?


2. Am I righteous and true? Or am I false and insincere?


3. Have I caused damage to my health, abusing of alcohol, smoking, working...? Do I ensure I get enough rest and sleep? Do I put much importance on wealth and keeping up with the latest styles? Do I exaggerate in the use of cosmetics?


4. Do I regard sex as a gift from God? Have I been vulgar and impure in my thoughts, desires, words? Have I committed dishonest actions?


5. How do I use my possessions? Do I waste? Am I greedy? Is there a relationship between what I

possess and how I help others?





Practice the examination of conscience.

God's forgiveness is bigger than Sin

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