Pope Condemns Same Sex Union as Attack on Society


VATICAN CITY, December 20, 2004 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In an address on Saturday, Pope John Paul II has warned that the "union between a man and a woman which takes place in marriage and gives rise to the family community" is confronted today by attacks which "grow stronger and more radical every day." He said, "Whoever destroys this basic fabric of human coexistence causes a deep wound to society and often causes irreparable damage."

The Pope did not content himself, as many other religious leaders have, with speaking out only against homosexual 'marriage'. He spoke specifically against proposals to give the benefits of marriage to cohabiting couples. He noted a list of attacks on the family including: "The attempt to reduce the family to a private affective experience, socially irrelevant; to confuse individual rights with those proper to the family nucleus constituted by a bond of matrimony; to make cohabitation equal to marriage."

The Pope also addressed issues of life; speaking of abortion along with artificial procreation via in vitro fertilization as "areas in which subversion is underway in society."

Devaluating marriage and losing respect for human dignity, said the Pope, is not progress. "What is presented as progress of civilization or scientific conquest, in many cases is, in fact, a defeat for human dignity and for society. ... The truth about man ... cannot be sacrificed to technological dominion or the prevarication of desires over authentic rights," the Pope concluded.
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