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TORONTO, July 23, 2002 ( - This morning about 100 World Youth Day pilgrims joined Msgr. Phillip Reilly of Helpers of God's Precious Infants praying for about one hour outside of the Scott Abortion Clinic in Toronto.

Today's vigil started with a Mass and then a talk with carefully laid-out instructions at the headquarters of Campaign Life Coalition in downtown Toronto. The pilgrims then walked several blocks to the abortuary while praying and singing hymns, returning in the same manner after the vigil at the abortuary.

Afterwards, the Msgr. related stories about the extraordinary national and international growth of the Helpers and the astounding results that occurred on various occasions - all as a result of simple prayer and great faith. Many Cardinals, bishops and priests have participated in Helpers of God's Precious Infants vigils.

Msgr. Reilly founded Helpers of God's Precious infants in Brooklyn N.Y. as an alternative strategy to save the unborn and pregnant mothers in distress. He had previously experienced many frustrations during years of pro-life activism and finally realized that he had to totally depend on God to win this battle that human means did not seem to be able to effect. The resulting prayer and sidewalk counselling strategy almost immediately began to experience astonishing success. Msgr. Reilly states that about 50% of mothers that approach abortuaries when the Helpers are praying outside change their mind and turn back.

The Helpers will conduct a workshop on Prayer and Counselling tomorrow at St. Joseph's parish in Toronto and will lead additional prayer vigils at the Scott abortuary on Thursday at 2:30 and Friday at 3 p.m.

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