'Theology of the Body' Reveals Why Sex is Central to the Culture War


OTTAWA, January 6, 2004 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Famous modern philosopher Peter Kreeft has often brought to awareness that much of the culture wars centre around sex. Abortion, contraception, pornography, prostitution, divorce, homosexuality, promiscuity, adultery, sex education, and more of the most common fronts in the culture war revolve around sex.

Christopher West, a professor of sexual ethics in the St. John Vianney Seminary in Chicago and visiting professor of the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family Australia campus, has presented a compelling explanation for the attack on God-given sex. West is a world-renowned expert on the "Theology of the Body" - a revolutionary conception of human sexual truth as first expounded by Pope John Paul II early in his pontificate.

West suggested at a talk Monday that since the Scriptures use the marital union of a man and woman as the prime analogy of the relationship between God and His Church, the marital union is a foretaste of heaven. Given that the marital union expresses most powerfully the participation of life with God, says West, it is precisely there that Satan would strike hardest. West proposed that the Enemy of Man, whose main goal is to dissuade Man from Heaven, strikes first and foremost at the gift of God of sexuality.

When practiced as it was meant to be, that union is a total gift of self to the spouse, the exact opposite of lust - the use of the spouse or partner as an object for self gratification, said West.

West told LifeSite that he would make himself available for interviews on the fascinating topic in the near future.
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