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The Catholic Conference Bishops in The Holy Land, denounce the harm to Christ (Arabic
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We, the Heads of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land, deplore and condemn and exasperated the blatant attacks on a person of Jesus Christ, Glory to Him, and on His Mother the Virgin Mary Immaculate, which was broadcast on Channel Ten television in Israel.

These days, one of the programs during the evening on Channel 10, the program attacked shamefully our faith and us Christians. The Show tried bigotry the greatest and most sacred symbols of Christian faith, as the director of the program officially declare his hostility to Christianity. Channel Ten have been used in such a position of violating the sanctity of the holiest of Christian symbols, and Offended hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens, Christians, and millions of Christians around the world as well.

The Catholic Conference Bishops in the Holy Land consider the program is a dangerous phenomenon of great division, and the dispersal of society, that keep it out of the spirit of tolerance and acceptance of others, respect and resentment. More importantly, in the view of the Heads of the Churches of this recent event, and in the broader content, is another example of the continuous attacks against Christians in the State of Israel over the past years. Just a few months ago, was the burning of a number of Holy Books publicly, in the courtyard of the compound in Or Yehuda.

For several years, Christianity was working hard to stop many of the manifestations of anti-Semitism, and now Christians find themselves in Israel victims of anti-Christians.

While we deplore and condemn this act, and all the abusive acts, we call on all parties concerned to investigate the matter and take necessary action to put an end to the violation of the inviolability and sanctity of the Christian faith. It is not possible and reasonable, such incidents in the State of Israel, where a large number of Holy shrines and the main Christian churches, which rely to a large extent by tourism and the pilgrimage from Christian countries.

Therefore, we ask the Israeli people and the Israeli authorities to take appropriate action against these abuses and against the perpetrators. At the same time, we call Channel Ten to recognize its responsibility, and apologize formally and publicly to the event and not allow it to repeat.

We would also like to express our appreciation and our understanding of the reactions of deep and sincere, which had been expressed by our children and our Christian institutions, and from many Jewish and Islamic personalities moderate and wise leadership, which has risen, hackles and shocked just like us, and has expressed its condemnation and disapproval of this work.

In fact, such programs have nothing to do with freedom of expression, or art, or comedy, they are working to crack the national cohesion and consensus in our society.
We call upon everyone the seriousness of the obligation and absolute discretion and authority to follow the church in dealing with this important and sensitive subject.

Signed By:
† His Beatitude Patriarch Fouad Twal, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem
†Patriarch Michel Sabbah, Previous Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem
† Bishop Elias Chacour †, Archbishop of Acre and the Galilee for The Melkite Catholic
†Bishop Paul Sayah, Archbishop of Acre and the Galilee for The Maronite
†Bishop H.E. Msgr Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo,Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Israel
†Deputy Patriarch of Syriac Catholic Boutros Maliki
† Archbishop Botros Moualem Previous Archbishop of Acre and the Galilee for The Melkite Catholic
† Bishop Kamal Hanna Bathish Previous Deputy Patriarch of Jerusalem
Father Pierre Batista Betsablla, Guard of the Holy Land
Monsignor Rafael Mncian, Deputy Patriarch of the Armenian Catholic
Father Paul Colin, Deputy Patriarch of the Chaldean
Fr Botros Villette, the Secretary-General of the Bishops Conference
The text in Arabic

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