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Saint Joseph University In Beirut Lebanon promotes reproductive health (which means contraception and abortion)   

December 1, 2012  St Charbel for Life the first Arabic Pro-Life first website to defend life, the family and faith in the world, recently Discovered a Conference to teach reproductive health at the University of Saint Joseph, a Jesuit University in Beirut, Lebanon, in cooperation with the United Nations Fund for Population UNFPA which its programs well known throughout the world, consist of sex education for children at the age of 10 years, promoting contraception and abortion.


The Director of the Faculty of Science at St. Joseph University explains the importance of the project launch to educate reproductive health to student.


USJ focuses on participation of parents in the elaboration process of the newly launched Reproductive Health Education course with MoEHE and UNFPA.
This teaching is totally contrary to God's law and the teachings of the Catholic Church. 

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