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Maronite Patriarch : "The supporters of abortion movement consider the child as a hindrance in the face of autonomy, and requested pleasure, and go to work."

Bkirki, Beirut, Lebanon June 17 2007 ( The Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Butros Continued his talk about the issue of abortion and launched into his speech today, during a homily Sunday from the book of Genesis, he said: "The first reaction of the mother before the birth of her new born baby indicates the divine and humanitarian role in the process of creation and birth:" its like she says with the book of Genesis: "I acquired a man from God." This new human life is an amazing miracle, and this child is one of the most significant gifts of God.

"The Patriarch then continued cited the Psalm 139 saying: " For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Then he spoke about the Pro-abortion movement, said: "Contrary to this view, supporters of abortion movement consider the child as an obstacle in the face of autonomy, and requested pleasure, and go to work. And they launch anti-birth slogan, against the baby that will be born.

" The patriarch explained that " the Jewdeo-Christian revelation given the value of human life is unparalleled, and paramount nature, while the secular theory designed to glorify man then give back the rights to his role as being the highest in the natural world.

"He pointed out that the first thing the authority of God on the human being says in the book Genesis: "let us make man in our image and likeness." This deepest note issued in the right of people, the greats praise God to man.
"Then he said: "The pro-abortion movement is a kind of philosophy, humanitarian and civilian uses heresy, tactics, pressure, and the law, to ensure unlimited choice to maintain or eliminate the lives of people, the innocent people, especially in the beginning of this life or at its end."

The Patriarch talked about the tragedy of abortion through the figures and statistics, said: "The 20th century was the deadliest ages on humanity. The census is often neglected many of the victims, among them the largest number of victims by surgical abortion, pills and contraception, the victims of abortion between 1973 and 2000 in the United States alone was forty million human victims. And Since the 1973 abortion killed approximately 20-40 million unborn child per year in the world, a figure that is in the 30th year about one and a half billion victims. The immediate cause of this serious massacre in history is the dogma of the pro-abortion, which is one of the most serious disadvantages that hit humankind.

The Maronite Patriarch, mention that man must make choices in his life either in the matter of life or the culture of death "God wish, and wants to save us. And He Loves us immeasurably and we can not imagine. It leaves us with the freedom to choose or not to choose. The doctrine of the Pro-abortion forget this fundamental point. There is no doubt that we can choose to go against God, but we find death and evil, instead of liberation. The other option is to love one another "as he loved us." love others love inspiring, heroic, divine, is at the same time the road by which we sanctify our selves and the way we will achieve a culture of life. "
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