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Listen to my voice

A letter from a child that died in Abortion

Don't rip off or delete this page as they rip off the unborn children and throw them daily in the garbage! And no one listens to their voice and wipe off his or her tears. Please let me talk to you for a moment if you don't mind. I am an unborn child who dies in abortion daily in spite of the few whom listen to my scream. Why is my body being ripped off? Why am I dying? What is my guilt? What it is the judgement? Where are my mom and my dad? Where are my brother and sister? Why am I being put to death? Why is no one defending me? Is there any one who knows the answer? My blood went into the sewage, and they are selling my body parts in the black market. They are trading me. Do my parents know this? They are selling my organs (what a profit, my brain for $999, my kidney for $100, and my eye for $75...) what is this barbaric deed?

I heard my father saying to those who are defending life, that we are from the farm, And a horse kicked her and the baby inside is dead! And she will die if the baby remains inside her. What a lie. And I heard my mother saying get out of my way or you will be the next one.

My blood is on their hands and their consciences. They cannot run away from me, I can see them everywhere, my blood does not scream from the ground only as the blood of Abel. It screams from the sky and from the airplanes, which they ran away with for entertainment, pleasure and travelling. And my blood screams from the luxury car they bought after me. My blood screams from the large houses, with empty rooms and my voice echoes in them. My blood is on the pets (animals) they are taking care of it instead of me, my blood screams from the nightclubs because they left me for it. My blood is on the one, who signed to legalize abortion, my blood is on the hands of the abortionist who ripped my body, and my blood is on those who lied who I am. Who am I? I am your brother and sister. I am a human being like you. I scream from my mother womb and no one listens except my Lord! Why are you closing your ears? You don't want to know what is going on here? Why is it that every one left me? Why are you closing your eyes? I am a person waiting to see you. I have a spirit. Please don't put me out of your way. I am not a product of conception. Or a blob of tissue or a piece of garbage or a bag of water. I have flesh and blood and I live in water. You were like me in a similar place before. It is warm right here and why is this scream outside? But in these days, the most dangerous place to live in is the womb, because he or she has no rights. I want to love you. Please don't hate me when I am in my mother's womb. Bearing a child is not a disease or pollution. Why don't you believe me? I am a Son of God who created me as you are. Why do you want to kill me? Don't be afraid because of me. I am... My Lord, listen to my voice.

Signed by: an Unknown unborn Child who died in Abortion .

Every second 2 babies dies in abortion

مار شربل للحياة
Saint Charbel for Life
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