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The Lies of Abortion Arabic

   The media disfigure the truth of life by the lie propaganda By words to kill and destroys, Mr William Brennan in his book  Dehumanizing the Vulnerable list the words :

  1. Pregnancy termination
  2. Pregnancy interruption
  3. Removal of the Contents of the Uterus
  4. Evacuation of the Products of Conception
  5. Choice
  6. Selective reduction
  7. Protoplasm
  8. Tissue
  9. Products
  10. Contents
  11. egg
  12. Pre-embryo
  13. Potential life

This Happen especially after the elimination of the law of abortion in Canada in 1969, and the declaration of the United States of America Supreme Court in 1973 (Roe Vs Wade Decision) that the Unborn is not a human. And when this Court been asked when Life begin the answer was “we don’t know” but with the development in medical Sciences, we all know that life begin at conception when God blow a spirit of Human being, and what God create is not a product of conception, a bag of water, or like wise... and here some of word of war to kill the unborn before the Abortion :

  1. Deficient Human ( stupid, defective, inferior, potential life, lives not worth living...)
  2. Less than human ( subhuman and non human)
  3. Animal (beast, lower animal)
  4. Parasitic creature
  5. Infectious disease
  6. Inanimate object
  7. Waste product
  8. Nonperson

   Every time we want separate some one or group of people from our selves or society we call them names of things, animals, vegetables, like in the case of (Euthanasia) and the Blacks, the strangers, and other Religions. When I strip the unborn his Humanity and soul I can consider him things control him and do what ever I want with him or her, get rid of him or her, Do experimentation on them and treat them like an animals and put my self in place of God let them live or die.

   Some say: the woman owns her body and has the right to choose?

   Here it is an insult to the woman because the ownership for things, I own a car, house… the pro abortion advocate don't call the unborn things only but the mother too and here is a new lie. By considering the woman owns her baby to separate the other from her to do whatever she chooses with her body. And she has right to choose but choose what? And who will defend the unborn and his right, which is covered by a lie?

Question: what to do when the woman is raped?

The answer is who gets punished?
Why we punish the children for the crime of their fathers?
Rape is a crime and who did it deserve a punishment.

What is the solution if the baby is deformed…?

   The doctors who work for the United Nations under the program “World population Control” say: that they take the position of the Judge to judge whether or not let this baby live or die, and some times the couple do not know about the baby health except from the doctor. Who most of the times lie to execute the UN agenda “the population control” or that the parent chooses the sex of the baby, or other thing like the poverty of the parent, this is called Eugenic. Which Hitler used in the Second World War when he killed the handicapped the weak the deformed whose God consider them a blessing because he can make us as he wishes

And often we hear that of population explosion, and there is not enough food in the World… this not true because the earth is so wide, and food is dumped in the west in order to have a stable stock market.

If we abandon life by abortion, life will abandon us in the end by euthanasia.  

Saint Charbel for Life
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