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28-Nov-2001 --
Human Life International condemns all human cloning experimentation

( - "The announcement of human embryo cloning accomplished by the Advanced Cell Technology company marks the beginning of the final conflict between the forces of life and the forces of death in this nation", stated Father Thomas Euteneuer, President of Human Life International, the world's largest pro-life, pro-faith and pro-family organization. "The man-made creation of human beings to serve the needs of those allowed to live is the most devastating act that could forever isolate mankind from God the Father."

On Sunday 25 November, the Advanced Cell Technology company in Massachusetts announced that it had been able to clone human embryos, although all have died. The cloned human embryo will be used for extraction of stem cells, which is known as 'therapeutic cloning'. Advanced Cell Technology denied that the cloned human embryo was a human life. On Monday 26 November, in a bizarre attempt to justify the unjustifiable, Michael West, President of Advanced Cell Technology, asserted on the NBC Today program that 'I consider myself pro-lifeÖand I do not see this as a pro-life issue at all" Coincidentally, according to Debra Evans in her book Without Moral Limits, between 1938 and 1953, research on the human embryo for in vitro fertilization also began in Massachusetts at the privately funded Free Hospital for Women clinic, which was attached to the Harvard University Medical School. Massachusetts state law still recognizes that human life begins at conception.

In a press release issued on Tuesday 27 November, The Holy See reiterated its condemnation of human cloning experimentation and asserted that "(t)he principleÖhas been introduced, in the name of health ...(of)Ö.discrimination among human beings based on the measure of time of their developmentÖ". In his book The Brave New World of Therapeutic Cloning, published by Human Life International, Eamonn Keane stated that "The immunity from prosecution afforded those who perpetuate violence against human beingsÖcalls into question the nature of democracy asÖcurrently practiced."

"Michael West and Advanced Cell Technology are not pro-life. I urge all Americans not to fall for the deceptive language of the forces of death. All forms of human cloning mark the final crossing over into national moral depravity. Human Life International condemns human cloning and calls on all pro-lifers in the United States and the world to defend the dignity of all conceived human beings, before it is too late", concluded Father Euteneuer.


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