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Take This all of you and eat it.  Arabic  


By Charbel El-chaar

Dec 16, 2001

Edited By Fr. Rodolph Wakim USA


Do you know that, those who promote contraception and abortion pills want from all people and specially women to use all of these methods? In another word they intent to use the same word of Jesus Christ at the last supper, after he turned the bread and wine into His Body and Blood then He took the cup, gave thanks and offered it to them, saying, Drink from it, all of you. This is my blood, of the new covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins "(Mt 26; 27)


St Gregory of Nicia says The fall put in the human nature the seeds of death. Christ took on His own the fallen nature and put in it the seeds of Life baptism and the force of Life Eucharist for victory over death, and established the principle of unity and non-corruption 1


Christ, by giving us His Body at the hand of the priest, He gives us Life again and bring us back to God the Father and makes us a new creation, (Cor. 5/16) sharing in His creation and redemption.  He renews in us the spiritual Life and the physical life because man is soul and body.

On the other hand, the one who gives contraception and Abortion-pills, gives Poison and Death, and separates man from His creator and from his or her spouse.  This is similar to the way original sin separated us from God at the hand of Adam and Eve (Gen. 3) and we had the absence of original Justice.


St Thomas Aquinas in SUMMA THEOLOGICA said: that It would seem that original sin is not a habit. For original sin is the absence of original justice."

 The one who gives Abortion pills and contraception kills life and freezes the ability to pro-create. Contraception expels God from the marriage, the family, and the home. As God expelled Adam and Eve from the garden after the fall, now abortion pills and contraception expels God from the bedroom and from life. It is creating a new culture. Its foundation is corruption and sin.   As death entered the human life with Adam and Eve through eating, taking the pills of abortion and contraception today, will destroy the ability to conceive and will bring death into the life of the modern man.  Christ wants to save us from sin.  The one who performs abortion and is giving contraception pills, wants to bring us back to sin. Contraception pills freezes the ability to pro-create life while abortion pills destroy life directly. (3)


 So I hear the anti-Christ saying: take this all of you and eat it, this is your body

The Pope John Paul II said in the Gospel of Life: "Certainly, from the moral point of view contraception and abortion are specifically different evils: the former contradicts the full truth of the sexual act as the proper expression of conjugal love, while the latter destroys the life of a human being; the former is opposed to the virtue of chastity in marriage, the latter is opposed to the virtue of justice and directly violates the divine commandment "You shall not kill". (4)(EV #13)

The woman who does abortion and takes contraception pills is saying this is my body and it is none of your business.  This is a big lie because the woman is taking a poison that does not kill her but kills the human life within her or sterilizes her ability to pro-create a new life. Meanwhile Christ by saying: "This Is My Body" He gives us life and it fruits Christ in the Eucharist is the link between Spouses and God.

The Sacrament of Matrimony is one of the Church's seven Sacraments.  It is nourished by the Divine Eucharist which makes it grow.


Legalizing the use of contraception, and Abortion pills is a License to corruption and sexual exploitation.

Christ gives the Church Life and Holiness through His body, the Eucharist.  He unites her in the Culture of Life and Love and self sacrifice. But a contraception and abortion pill lead man to selfishness and alienates him from the spouse. This changed all the cultures of the east and the west alike, to a one culture which is the culture of corruption and sexual exploitation:  the culture of death (surgical and chemical abortion)!  You can notice this corruption in some of the new songs which call to living a sexual life before and outside marriage.  There are no prohibitions or control on expressing the feelings even if they are wrong, offensive, abnormal or sick.  It is protected under the freedom of speech and expression...   While most of the old songs are modest, clean and the feelings expressed between lovers are pure and innocent.  In most of the new songs, all of that have died. 


Abortion and contraception are the reason for this insensitivity and careless behavior.  Being considerate, caring for others and for their well-being is becoming from the past and old fashion.  More and more we are ignoring each others and becoming self-centered.  When morality or God interfere with our pleasures, we are eliminating them. We need to bring back the good values, respect each other, defend life and honor God the creator of all things.

 In the beginning, original sin entered our human race through the ignorance and pride of Adam and Eve.  Their disobedience brought death upon us. The beautiful image of God was distorted and damaged.   Jesus Christ is the new Adam and Mary is the new Eve.  They gave us life through their obedience and humility.   Christ restored our image of God and gave us back the dignity of being God adopted children.  He freed us from the slavery of sin.   So today, we need to welcome life and reject the use of contraception and abortion pills.  We refuse to go back to the slavery of the original sin which breeds corruption and death.


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Saint Charbel for Life
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