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The culture of death targets the poor 

We should kill poverty not the poor.

By Charbel Elchaar
Nov 2, 2008

10 Years ago I read an article from the Pro-abortion movement in Canada that said abortion saves  the government money because childbirth costs the government $2,000 and abortion costs $700, therefore abortion is good for the economy!

On one hand this statement may look correct and it may save money on health care in the short run. We should look deeply into what the pro-abortion movement and the government are trying to do. Abortion is an evil act, a crime against the innocents, and eliminates the weakest members of our society. On the other hand, it damages the health of the mother adds medical expenses to the health care system, and cost to the tax-payers.

In his last visit to the USA the Holy Father Pope John Paul II said: “Where the family goes, there goes the Nation.” The culture of death targets the weakest members of our society and especially the poor among us. The pro-abortion militia says "people have abortions for social and economic reasons, therefore the poor cannot afford to have more children, and abortion is the solution to have a strong economy for the family and the nation."

This is evil, to have more money by killing the unborn babies, it may save money in the near future but not its future security. When families have more children, and they grow up and enter the workforce, these families will be stronger economically. Every child adds more financial strength and protection to the family, especially for the aging parents who can be protected by a strong loving family. And the nation is strengthened by having strong families.

When the government looks at its own people as an investment and allows them to kill their children by abortion, to save money that would be spent on childbirth, childcare subsidies to education and replace the missing children with immigrants already raised and educated in third world countries, it is discriminating against the poor countries and is doing something very evil.

When the governments create laws and programs of childcare and welfare that penalize larger families and discourage them from having no more than two children per family, it will lead them to a selfish lifestyle that worships pleasure and flees sacrifice.

China became a super power nation using forced abortion and their “one child policy.” Its economy based on the killing of its children will ultimately fall and collapse. The global economic crash happened through immoral actions including the culture of death, abortion and contraception, and the unjust punishment for the unborn.

On one hand the poor countries lose their people by abortion and contraception and their workforce and people immigrate to the rich countries. On the other hand, the rich countries lose their people by abortion and contraception, but substitute them by immigrants from the third world countries. Nevertheless, they lose manufacturing companies and jobs back to the poor countries. What goes around comes around.

The culture of death targets the poor especially when it comes to health care cost and expenses, the life of the poor can be considered a life not worth living because he or she is poor financially and educationally. And if he or she does not fit the budget of the health care system or insurance or cannot pay the bills, they will be denied  heath care.

Poor people are poor financially, but rich in life and now the culture of death is targeting them to harvest their organs for transplantations, by a new threat against life and a trafficking of their organs for money. The culture of death and powerful decision makers are really targeting the weakest and the poor not to kill poverty but to kill them and their children. We should kill poverty not the poor.

If the whole world embraced the culture of death, therefore we would live in a worldwide conspiracy against the poor, life, love and God.

God have mercy on us all.

Edited By Joseph Meaney

Saint Charbel for Life
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