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The culture of death is coming near you very soon.
Prevent it from coming. Pray, teach, speak …tell you friends to stop the evil of euthanasia


Britain was forbidden from suicide by a European decision

The European court for Human rights in Strasburg refused request from a patient who suffer from muscular dystrophy, to permits her to do assisted suicide with the aid of her husband and without any legal charges that could be laid on him. Observers consider the decision on the case in euthanasia which creates a vast controversy in Europe and is not the final one.


The court decision was made unanimously in the first case in its kind to forbid the British patient Dian Briti 42 years old, from killing herself, based on a violation of the European Charter of Human Rights.


Briti who her doctor said that she will die in few months, in March she asked the European Court to permit her to kill herself by the help of her husband. The lawyer who defends Briti said if he let her die naturally that is a "much failed insulting matter" for her as a human.


And the law in Britain does not allow Euthanasia and consider it a forbidden matter. And a Juridical Council which considers the highest court in Britain in the past November said that they will press charges of homicide on the husband if he assisted her in suicide.


And Holland is the first European country that allows the practice of euthanasia, the parliament passed a law that allow euthanasia in the past April. But the Dutch Supreme Court rejected in the past December a request to suicide for one person in despair, with the exclusion that the suicide situations are not justifiable


And Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Belgian, Greece, Norway, Turkey, Colombia, Australia, and China, allow the practice of euthanasia, according to the conditions ends in the request of the patient and the incurable illness and the nature of the terminally ill person. And this approval came after parliamentary and juridical debates lasted for many years. 

From Aljazeera website (article 29/4/2002)


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