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The Culture of death, simply turn it right side, up

The majority of people may not know what the Euthanasia movement is doing behind the seen, how they do lobby the political legislators, the media and the entertainment industry in order to move forward with their agenda and plan to legalize what so called assisted suicide and euthanasia.

The biggest mistake and miscalculated strategy the euthanasia activists did, they think that abortion and euthanasia are the same. They use choice and do not speak about what this choice is, because they want to turn life upside down. And make death as good as life is. They are totally blind about what they are doing.

Euthanasia is deferent from abortion, but both acts could be done by medical practitioner or non medical practitioner, because they both are an act of killing of another person. The deferent is in abortion the woman is killing a defenseless small human being by another person. But when it comes that the same kind of person who may want to kill her under the term euthanasia, she will certainly change her mind about this similar activity. In abortion she is thinking how I can get out this pregnancy alive? But in euthanasia she cannot ask the same question. Who can I get out of the life alive? She or he can ask, how can I get out of this pain alive. And not dead? Because she or he can defend themselves and the law help them to do just that. For sure they will fail again.  

Most of the people I spoke to about euthanasia are frighten from some doctors who may kill them and steal they organs and sell it in the black market. It involves lots of thinking from people because by nature human being love life and tend to protect their own life instead of killing themselves. In abortion the activist are telling women that they can kill their unborn, but in euthanasia the activist are saying that you can kill yourself. And this is the biggest evil of our time, to Kill other and kill yourself.  

Generally the Culture of death is trying to turn our life our law and our natural law upside down. In abortion they were successful in the courts and the legislator assemblies by turning the laws upside down on the unborn. But they will fail to defend it in the long run. In Euthanasia they are trying to do the same to turn the law again. And since the Pro-Life movement start to wake people up and fix what they turn upside down for the unborn. We will show the world what euthanasia is by unmasking their evil and poison tactic.

What we should do is the opposite, make sure to protect the life of weakest member of our society. Other people around us in the law and all over the world, as Fr Frank Pevone say that "Injustice somewhere is Injustice everywhere" and if there is unjust law for the unborn in the west it will effect the rest of the world, and if there is unjust law in Holland, Belgium, Swaziland, and the state of Oregon in USA it will effect the rest of the world. And simply turning them right side, up.

Saint Charbel for Life
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