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Day of silence for the unborn
My Dear friends for Life
I am sending you this picture

I Encourage you to make a paper write on it Life or Pro-Life an take it with you to school or work and tape it on your mouth all day, and when someone ask you: Why you are silence?

Tell them that abortion kills more than 50 million child every year worldwide, although the voice of these children are silenced by this evil act. And a large number of religious and civil leaders are silence on the largest conspiracy against life in history.

Silence on evil is a dumb devil, and that there is a campaign of silence and silencing on those who speaks against the daily massacres on life, and that abortion is the biggest evils the world and in history. And more than 50 million children in the world are killed each year by the support of legislation of abortion and that some government are not enforcing the right to life of the child in the womb.

After today we are Silence no more because life is stronger than death, and love is stronger than hate, and the courage to welcome the child in the womb is stronger than the fear of the supervisor of child in the womb.And there are associations and charitable organizations in the world that helps mothers to care for their pregnancies. There are better options and that abortion is the choice of a devastating and criminal and a murderer. This option destroys women spiritually and physically and they may bleed to death from abortion.

If you want more information about abortion go to the first Arabic language website in the world on the sanctity of life, defend life by exposing the evil of  abortion.

For more information go to.

Campus group Psalm 24 Ministries is helping sponsor an event titled the Day of Silence on Tuesday.

The organization is working with a Web-based pro-life group,, which uses its Web site as a clearing-house of pro-life, anti-abortion information for students.

The event will last from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. outside of the Chemistry Building, where Psalm 24 will have a table set up, according to a news release from the organization. Students who wish to participate in the event can obtain red armbands with the word "LIFE" imprinted on them from members of Psalm 24.

According to the StandTrue Web site, the students taking part in the event will remain silent in solidarity.

"We will give up our voices to be a voice for the on-third of our generation wiped out by abortion," event coordinator Michelle Young said.

The Day of Silence will be observed across the nation at hundreds of high schools and at university campuses.

Psalm 24 Ministries is a student organization that formed on the campus of SFA as a group to fight for Biblical values "in the face of an increasingly secular society," according to its news release. One of its primary causes has been with the pro-life movement.

"I feel it is a most worthy case of Christians as well as any person to preserve the lives of unborn children," Psalm 24 president and Sugar Land junior James Baty, said. "It is time that we see the unborn not as masses of tissue, but as living people with a mind, body and soul."

Baty said that 4,400 babies are aborted every day in America, and the Day of Silence "serves as a small step to encourage society to rectify the atrocities that have been committed ever since (1973 landmark US Supreme Court case) Roe vs. Wade (which abolished anti-abortion laws)."

"Every day in this country, thousands of babies have their voices silenced against their wills," Young said.

"The right to live is the most inherent right we have as human beings," Baty said.

Saint Charbel for Life
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