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The Authority that Legalized murder   


By Charbel El-chaar

I heard it many times from priests on EWTN that God allow the evil of abortion, that he can bring good out of it.! I said what!! 

St Paul the apostle said in his letter to the Roman 13: 1 Everyone is to obey the governing authorities, because there is no authority except from God and so whatever authorities exist have been appointed by God. 2 So anyone who disobeys an authority is rebelling against God's ordinance; and rebels must expect to receive the condemnation they deserve. Rom 13: 1


I dont believe that St Paul is talking about the Authority that legalized the murder and killing of innocents people the unborn children the weakest member of society to be eliminated by abortion!


Does God really give authority to people or group of people do to evil? or allows governments to allow the evil of sex education contraception and abortion?

All authority comes from God to do His will, not the will of satan and his follower.

The will of God is to do good, because God is the source of goodness, He cannot give authority to people to do evil. Otherwise we make God an ogre.


St John in his first letter chapter 1 verse 4 said that God is love. Not a monster sitting in heaven and doesnt care about His people. God doesn't allow evil to happen, human evil give itself the authority to murder the innocents. should we allow evil to continue?

The mystery of God allowing the death of He is only begotten Son Jesus Christ to be killed on the cross, is different from us allowing the culture of death killing us.


The death of Jesus on the cross brought us salvation, but the death of the unborn and the destruction of family, and the church will not bring us any good, or salvation, but damnation and curse, on the society and the Nation.  


The governments that legalized so called population control, contraception, abortion and euthanasia, and the any other type of government that legalized abortion under the trick and the lie of so called the exception of the health of the mother and allow euthanasia to be performed under the trick of rationing health care, terminal sedation, brain death and cardiac arrest, have no authorities from God to kill people, the way they are killing them right now all over the world. Even in the places where they say that abortion and euthanasia is illegal.


The culture of death is the culture of corruption, as the leaders of most religion these days are not walking against it but walking with it.

We cannot say that God gave them the authority to kill people, therefore we should pray here and there, try to stop some here and there. We must overthrow these corrupt governments, if they are not doing the will of God.


It is not God who gives the authority to government to murder people, it is the war between Lucifer and Jesus Christ. and those who gave them selves the authority to kill people are merely human being, not God.

Saint Charbel for Life
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