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The problems with the Canadian universal health care system.  

By Charbel El-chaar

In principle, the provision of universal health care to all members of society is a good thing that a government can give to its people.


But the problem with universal health care is something called ‘rationing health care’ whereby government proactively cuts certain medical treatments given they have a limited budget to fund its medical coverage program. For example premature children, the terminally ill, the disabled, and in general those considered a burden on the health care system may not receive the required treatment if their medical condition is not listed on so-called “approved guidelines.”

So as a tactic to balance healthcare budgets, the ministry of health, medical associations, and the insurance companies use guidelines to put rationing in practice. Bioethics terminologies are also used to justify rationing heath care.


“Futile care” is a key phrase that can be used to understand this structure of universal medical health care rationing.

Futile care discriminates between one patient and another based on illness and age, and therefore the type of treatment entitled to patients follows the guidelines set by government and medical associations, or insurance companies.

In effect what results is ‘Medical Dictatorship’ since specific health care treatments can no longer be requested and decided upon by the patient, but rather by someone else.


Futile care looks at people as projects to work on rather than human beings created in the image and likeness of God who deserve dignity and respect.


According to Wesley Smith’s book The Culture of Death, “medical treatments are not up to the patient anymore, it is up to the guidelines, The Medical Association and Insurance Company. You cannot ask for this treatment or that” therefore the decision is not yours. Someone else will decide on your behalf.


Bioethics these days are avoiding use of the term "quality of life ethics" and “Sanctity of life,” but are using so-called "Futile care theory" where ordinary medical treatments will not be given to the weakest sick people, the premature disabled, terminally ill, the elderly and the disabled, because The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care,  and Ontario Medical Association have guidelines that basically say money should not be wasted on this group of people, and therefore the only treatment they will receive is neglect until they die or terminal sedation.


When the weakest members of society are in need of medical care they risk being neglected by so-called DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders, because a judgment has already been made that this person’s care considered futile.

DNR is not pro-life oriented because it is considered to fall under the so-called advanced directive or living will.  The pro-life movement rejects this and encourages people to have a will to Live.

This is also already happening in Catholic Hospitals and Hospice institutions across Canada.  By legalizing euthanasia, this practice would expand to include our weakest people who reject pain and suffering.

The Pro-Life movement in North America promotes palliative care as a solution to relieve and eliminate pain and suffering.

In summary, a universal heath care system that does not respect the right to life of the unborn, the terminally ill and the disabled is “Medical Dictatorship”.

Saint Charbel for Life
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