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Silence on evil is dumb devil ÚŃČí  

By Charbel El-chaar
Edited By Lino DeFacendis
According to an ancient Lebanese proverb: “Silence on evil is dumb devil.” This wisdom is full of deep meaning that I often use to protect and defend life from the moment of conception to the hour of natural death.

We live in a time of conspiracy against life. The silence from some of our religious and civil leaders secretly allows or promotes the culture of death (abortion and Euthanasia), in support of direct actions that are being taken behind closed doors in darkness and promoted in silence. The fuel of the culture of death is the god of relativism.


Silence on the evil of contraception carries many evils with it; we see an increase in the sexual sins of fornication, adultery, prostitution, sexual abuse, divorce and abortion … and the list goes on and on.


The contraceptive mentality, sex education and relativism are the roots of abortion and the culture of death. First sex education teaches children the sin of fornication and contraception facilitated it, and is a license to separates love from life, the two important aspects of marriage, love thus becomes a commodity of trade in the hands of some women and men who exploit sex for money. And even within marriage, contraception is a sin of fornication and adultery.


Secondly, contraception intercepts life and blocks pregnancy thereby providing young people with a license for fornication. This is a sin, and means they falsely live the marriage life before marriage without the commitment of such love to fill their sexual instincts and separate pain from pleasure. When young people fornicate and refuse life, they force women to have abortions. All studies show that where contraception is practiced, legalized abortion follows.


There is a strong relationship between contraception Sex Education and abortion. Because contraception rejects the child that could come, contraception is therefore an act of hatred for life and not an act of love, because it abuses the other person and puts a barrier between the man and woman. In addition, it blocks the grace and blessing from God, and expels Him from the bedroom. For this reason too, contraception is an act of hate, because it rejects the child that could come into existence. With this mentality, if a woman gets pregnant while using contraception, the child can easily remain rejected and the choice of killing the baby through abortion becomes a great evil compared to adoption, motherhood, the shame of fornication or adultery, economic burden and quality of life.

Pleasure by itself is not evil but it will become evil if separated from the pain and commitment required for everlasting love. Adultery is the betrayal of one’s spouse, and there is at least one victim of such sin. And those who fornicate before marriage will likely commit adultery after marriage as well.

The fruits of love between husband and wife are unity for the good of the couple, a new human life and livelihood of sexual life.  But these are only attainable through the holy bond of marriage between one man and one woman.

If we separate love from life through the sinister methods of contraception, the sexual relationship becomes lust and an act of using the other. Pope John Paul II appropriately labeled this “an act of hate when using the other”. Through the use of contraception, the hand of God is not present in this so-called loving marital relationship.  It is certainly without life, and actually reflects sexual abuse. But the responsible act of sex in marriage does not separate love from life.  The relationship remains sacred because God's hands are involved through openness to life, and expression of spiritual and physical unity.

Through their silence on abortion and other injustices, religious and civil leaders express their approval of the evil and injustices in society, and therefore their involvement in the open conspiracy against life.

How can anyone of good conscience know that his neighbor is killing his children and not report this crime to the police? Silence on evil is dumb devil.

Is the clergyman in charge of your spiritual life silent about the daily crimes around him?
Is your politician in charge of the state silent about the injustice of abortion?

If the state or politicians legalize abortion by an evil law and allow the killing of innocents in the womb with no respect for life, how can you reasonably expect such a state or politicians to respect your life?

The answer to this question is of course that they don’t respect your life. If they did, how can they allow the killing of the youngest and most vulnerable among us? Through this established precedent for permissiveness, will they not also get rid of those who are considered a burden on society and health care systems or health insurance? The result one day could easily become facilitating the killing of patients through Euthanasia.

Saint Charbel for Life
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