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Moral Relativism fuel for the culture of death

By Charbel El-chaar @Charbelelchaar

Moral Relativism accepts another truth as a false god, based on lie, far away from the natural Law taught by the Catholic Church.

Moral Relativism is evilbecause it kills the Truth, therefore it's killing the Church, it accepts the evil of contraception (for fornication), Abortion and Euthanasia (is killing).

Moral Relativism put us between The Truth and Lie, confuses us, paralyze us, it try to silence us to make us do nothing, it places fear in us, void and empty our conscious, because it is evil.

Moral Relativism makes god of those who are at odd with the Church teaching on moralities and the right to life, it works on original sin, because it lets people decide on their misinformed conscious what is good and what is evil.

Moral Relativism is the fuel for the culture of death abortion and euthanasia, when this teaching ends abortion and euthanasia will end.

The Truth of Jesus Christ taught by The Catholic Church from the deposit of the faith of Our Fathers and the saints, Our gift of Faith in Him, Our Love for sinners, and Our Hope in the life to come and Our Catholic Morality is the remedy from the poison of moral relativism.

Saint Charbel for Life
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