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Imposing Death and Immoralities   

By Charbel El-chaar
Dec 22, 2011

Dont impose your morality on us; I heard it many times from people on the street, in the media and on the Internet.

The term imposing morality, by definition is relativism, it means that you have your own moralities, and we have ours, you have your Truth and we have ours


This is not our moralities nor our truth, but Gods commandments Truth and morality. Abortion was imposed in Eastern Europe by atheist, anti-Christian communist dictators in the 50th.


In order to impose the culture of death from abortion to euthanasia on the rest on the nation, the proponents turns the truth of killing upside down, to calls evil good and good is evil.


The pro-life missionary unmasks the evil of choice, by turning the truth about moralities right side up, and ask the right questions:

  • Why do you impose immoral sex education on our children in schools? And the society saturated with sexual anarchy?

  • Why do you impose homosexuality on society?

  • Why do you impose the destruction of the family by contraception and so called population control?

  • Why do you impose death by abortion on the pre-born children? They have the right to life.

  • Why are you imposing death by euthanasia on the vulnerable? They have the right to life too.

    The UNFPA agenda, clearly promotes sex education to children at the age of 10 years old in schools curriculum, teaches sexual sins of fornication, contraception and chemical abortion. Therefore it imposes immoral teaching on the innocents children at early age, makes it the head of the snake of the culture of death.

When an activist Judge allows homosexual marriage, and the government legalized so called same sex marriage on the rest of the nation, it is impose it on the majority, this is not democracy but dictatorship.


When the UNFPA and the US Aid, goes to the third world countries to help them financially, it condition it with population control, that it includes imposing contraception and abortion with food.


When we talk about abortion and euthanasia as legalized murder by a physician, we are not talking about moralities, but we are taking against imposing legalized murder on the vulnerable and their right to life

Saint Charbel for Life
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