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Dismantling the culture of death 

By Charbel El chaar

29 March 2009

To begin with, so called ‘Planned Parenthood’, in effect translates to: Planning to kill members of the family through abortion.
In their sense, ‘family planning’ means planning to kill family members through abortion, and destroying family fertility through chemical and biological weapons thereby essentially converting the family to a desert using contraception.


If contraception were not legalized by governments and not made available in the market by pharmaceutical companies, then people would not seek it to fornicate (so called recreational sex) but they would seek marriage rather than committing grave sexual sins. Contraception is nothing but a license for fornication.


Dismantling choice

Some people say: “I have the right to choose” or “to have one or two children or not to have children at all in my marriage, or to have an abortion or not.” We, the defenders of life and Truth, should ask them the first fundamental question: From where did you get this choice? Is it from God, from government, the law or from you?

Who gave society the choice of contraception, abortion and euthanasia? The ‘ones’ who gave society the evil choices of killing the vulnerable and destroying life by contraception are those who legalized these immoral practices and made them readily available. The choice to choose contraception was given by governments. They too license killing by abortion, and the production of chemical and biological weapons against life by pharmaceutical companies to destroy fertility and especially harm women.

The choice to kill another human being by abortion was given from ‘society’s law’ to abortionists to allow parents to kill their unwanted unborn children through slaughter at the hands of the abortionist. Make no mistake, nothing in the world could be worse than a parent killing their child.  By removing the law to protect life at its beginning, society has succumbed to the law of the jungle, where the strong kill and devour the weak.

We don’t have a right to die but death has the right to impact us all. The ‘right to die’ propaganda is nothing but a right to kill the unwanted, the vulnerable, the terminally ill, the elderly and the disabled by a doctor through medical killing.

The choice to eliminate the vulnerable human being in the womb is now expanding to kill the unwanted terminally ill, the elderly and disabled through legalization of euthanasia throughout the world.
The immoral choices society is now choosing are not from God, but rather, they are there because ‘someone’ made them available. This ‘someone’ provided the option, and opened the door, to destroy human fertility through contraception and turn it into a desert for life.  This authority then expanded to kill the unborn, and now the unwanted terminally ill, the elderly, disabled and those considered burdens on society through euthanasia or so called assisted suicide.


There would be no choice of contraception, abortion and euthanasia if these evils were not legalized in the first place. And to make them disappear from our midst, we must work harder to keep them illegal where they are illegal, or criminalize them again where they are legal.


Saint Charbel for Life
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