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Archdiocese of Toronto promotes organs transplantation as a solution to Euthanasia   

From Charbel EL-chaar                 22-01-2011


To: Archbishop Thomas Collins
Archbishop of Toronto
Catholic Pastoral Centre
1155 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario M4T 1W2
Phone: (416) 934-0606 Fax: (416) 934-3452 


From Sep 19-20 2009 The Archdiocese of Toronto asked the Laity in every parish to fight Bill C-384 legislation in the Parliament that may legalize Euthanasia and so-called Assisted Suicide in Canada.

As Pro-Life Catholic laity in the Church we appreciated this move to defend life of the weakest member of society at its end and the life of the handicapped. But we were shocked to see that at the same time the Archdiocese promotes organs transplantation from the altar of the Church.


Pamphlets still being placed in parishes all over Ontario to promotes organs transplantation. 

The impression we got as Catholic Pro-Lifers from this, that the Church is making connection between Euthanasia and organs transplantation and that the Catholic Church in Canada telling us don’t kill your self by euthanasia, but consent to suicide and give your body organs for transplantation.


What is this connection? Is organs transplantation the solution for euthanasia and the culture of death?
The only connection between euthanasia and so called assisted suicide that you encourage people to sign a suicide agreement for body parts.


Did the Catholic Church leaders in Canada forget that the end does not justify the mean?

I do reject immoral organs transplantation simply because a person will die violent death so that some may extend their lives few years. Plus the church should stay away from promoting the slaughter of people for money, because you cannot harvest a live organ if the person is dead the only organs you can take is the skin and few cells. There is no such thing as gray area between life and death. (Fines Vitae) either people are dead or not dead

In this move you endanger the lives of your flock, by signing the organ donor document, and you made Jehovah witnesses look like saints.


As I know the Universal Catholic Church promotes licit organs transplantation and this battle has been going on since 1975, that a person consent to a limited organ donation but not all organs donation should be given. We cannot allow Catholic people to die for organs transplantation.  

Your eminent have you ever thought about how the person donor dies when he or she gives his vital organs, that other organ recipient may extend their life full of rejection of that org an, sustained by rejection drugs? Simply look at the pictures on the Internet.


As you know there is lots of money involve in organs transplantation industry, and the Church should stay out of this new kind of campaign.


There are too many bioethics issues the Church should give its direction, with in-depth details: issues like Futile care theory, rationing health care and Terminal Sedation, where too many lives dies because of this policy.   

 Futile care theory and organs transplantation


This kind of theory refuses treatment to the weakest member of our brothers and sisters the disabled premature babies and the terminally ill, that are being terminally sedated in Catholic Hospitals.

Futile care theory, Rationing health care, Terminal Sedation and organs transplantation are the fruit of the culture of death, Where Bioethicsist use and look at people as projects to work on rather than human being created in the image and likeness of God to be loved, served and protected.


  I would like to inform your eminent about the aborted baby parts black markets trade from abortion, the mentality says that "these babies are dead why not use them help other we could save those that are on organ transplantation list?"

The ends never justify the mean. If we adopt this mentality it make us think "that since we are dying and why not sign an organ donor card? Life will be cheap with no dignity. We should not sign suicidal document to give our body parts to be traded by and organization such as Trillium suicide for body parts, so that they can make money out of people tragedies.

Many are being deceived by the slogan “Gift of life” it is suicide for body parts therefore it is not a gift of life it is a lie and stealing people lives.


The pamphlets about organs transplantation that you promote in the archdiocese of Toronto are good for garbage and the fireplace  

Charbel El-chaar                                              February 23, 2010


Saint Charbel for Life
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